Our solutions

PLM offers solutions to de-risk your debtor portfolio, optimise collections performance within the most effective and customer friendly approach.

I. Debt Sale

PLM offers the possibility to sell your portfolio. If you are interested in a debt sale we will determine the price and perform a due diligence to validate different kind of characteristics of your portfolio. A debt sale can be structured in various ways and we are always looking to find the most suitable option to de-risk your portfolio and optimize your returns. After the portfolio is transferred to PLM we will manage your debtors in a customer friendly and fair way.

II. Asset Management

We can execute the best in class amicable and legal collection strategy for every creditor that seeks greater control and transparency in the recovery chain. PLM will take care of the effective execution and intelligent distribution of the collection files to our panel of collection partners. We will act as your outsourced Asset Manager controlling the entire end-to-end process and above all, making sure that assets are always treated in the correct and proper way.

III. Special Servicing

Experience has taught us that specific portfolios need special care to generate optimal recovery outcomes. Certain asset types aren’t well suited for standard collection routines. For example, portfolios with legal or compliance issues. PLM is specialized in complex portfolios and has experience with debt that need special care with up-to-date legal and compliance knowledge. We are highly qualified for these challenges and we’re connected to the best collection agencies for every asset class.

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