Compliance is Key


Compliance Focused

PLM is committed to making a vital contribution to change the recoveries landscape. We are fully compliant with applicable rules and regulations. Ensuring our processes exceed the compliance standards, we also have a strong driver for personal circumstances of customers. We continuously build on a position of integrity. Our compliance officer constantly monitors operational excellence and helps to safeguard our ethical culture.

Fair Treatment Policy

The wellbeing and fair treatment of the customer and the related collections approach has has gained importance in the last few years. The need for embedding a fair treatment policy towards consumers is becoming common practice and rule. Social awareness is about having a fair treatment policy that benefits and guides the consumer to financial stability. PLM is driving collections not only on the premises of improving results, but also on the basis of fair treatment.

Real Social Engagement

PLM and its European collection partners fully focus on engaging with your clients throughout the collection lifecycle. Clear communication and communication methods are key. Therefore, we use partners that have state of the art technology to ensure that every customer is approached in a correct manner. Besides our digital approach we also offer the option to communicate in a more traditional manner.

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