Performance & Liquidity Management

PLM is an investor specialized in purchasing and the recovery of performing and non-performing portfolios. Additionally, we enable clients to make sure that their assets are well managed and results are delivered in a customer friendly and compliant manner.

We are Dutch based entity and predominantly invest in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain. PLM is a European debt buyer that primarily outsources collection services to a network of niche collection specialists.

Our team has vast experience in the field of debt purchase and has in-depth knowledge of all relevant aspects of the recovery process. We are specialists in the financial industry and are familiar with investing in distressed debt transactions.


PLM was founded in 2011 and started as a Master Servicer and Debt Collections Agency specialising in complex high value cases. In 2021 the founders of Asset Managing Partners joined forces with the managing partner of Pleitmeesters. This merger resulted in a combined strategy where the services of PLM are focussed on Asset Management and AMP is our investment vehicle.


PLM strongly believes in combining innovative pricing strategies, technology and the knowledge of our collection partners to ensure optimal performance and create a fair customer journey. Using our platform we easily engage with a panel of niche collection partners. PLM ensures that every collection file is handled and placed at the most appropriate collection partner. We turn assets into cashflow and act in a compliant manner.


Our team has gained a wide knowledge in debt purchase, credit management, fintech and compliance. We have earned the trust of creditors, investors, debt purchasers and collection agencies as an experienced partner. In recent years PLM has delivered purchase solutions to enable our clients to de-risk their portfolio. We have the expertise to structure and optimise the collection & litigation process within a compliant framework.

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